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British artist loves playing with architecture, turns objects into incredible optical illusions

Alex Chinneck is a British artist who unites the disciplines of art, architecture, theatre, and engineering. Monumental in ambition and impact, Chinneck’s art and installations generate contextually-responsive interventions that animate the place in which they stand. Distorting and twisting the physical world, he comes up with some surreal masterpieces that will always give you some food for thought.

#1 An antique oak clock tied into a knot

Credit: Instagram [1]

#2 Open to Public

Credit: Instagram [2]

#3 Fighting fire with ice cream

Credit: Instagram [3]

#4 Take my lighting but don’t steal my thunder

Credit: Instagram [4]

#5 Pick yourself up and pull yourself together

Credit: Instagram [5]

#6 6 pins and half a dozen needles

Credit: Instagram [6]

#7 A Bullet from a Shooting Star

Credit: Instagram [7]