In an interesting and surprising turn of events, the brideSuman Rani Patel from Nayepur Village in Uttar Pradesh travelled in style on a horse cart and arrived at her groom’s village. This was a request by the groom’s father as he wanted to spread the message of respecting women and asserting the idea of gender equality.

Credit: India times | Bride brings the Baarat in UP and stuns everyone

Groom’s father, Dr. D L Kashyap was the one who wanted to make a stand on gender equality and planned the whole reversal of role idea. According to Hindustan Times, he said “Even today, many people discriminate between boys and girls, treating the latter as burden. I want to tell them to respect girls. Women are doing as well as men in all fields.”

The marriage took place on Feb. 25, 2018, and became an instant talk of the town. Kashyap further added, “I wished to tell people that a girl can take the ‘baaraat’ to the boy’s house too. When I shared this idea with Suman’s (bride) parents, they immediately agreed. For us, the bride is the ‘Laxmi’ of the house. So, we welcomed her with ‘aarti’ and a grand celebration on arrival.”

The gorgeous bride Suman Rani Patel is currently pursuing masters from Rajlaxmi Gramyanchal Mahila Post Graduate College at Mangari. In future, she wants to work as a teacher. Speaking about her one of a kind marriage she said, “My father-in-law wished that I should bring the ‘baaraat’ to their house and he made a request to my parents. As per his wish, I rode a beautifully decorated horse cart to their house, accompanied by the ‘baaraat’. I am very happy about becoming a part of such a nice family in which girls are respected so much.”

Credit: Hindustan Times | Bride Suman Rani Patel with groom Raja Thakur.

The groom Raja Thakur, an engineer who works with the Banaras division of the Indian railways was also seen equally happy with the wedding. He said, “It was a unique marriage. We welcomed the bride and ushered her to the dais, where garlands were exchanged. Our message is clear — men and women are equal.”

Bride Suman’s father even thanked by saying “This is a new beginning. The groom’s family broke an age-old tradition. This unique initiative will give a boost to women’s empowerment, especially in rural pockets.” We hope more and more people look into this serious issue which is rocking our society, culture and lives.

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