A hoarding situation is one where dozens and dozens of pets are kept in terrible conditions. Animal rescue groups play a huge role in rescuing these animals and giving them a new lease of life. In this video, you’re about to witness the struggle of a black swan that was rescued from such conditions.


The black swan in the video was rescued from a hoarding situation and taken to a new home. Her rescuers hoped that she would make friends with the other swans and begin life anew.

Sadly, that was not to be as the other swans did not welcome her and began to bully and intimidate her. The swan got so lonely that she tried making friends with the humans near her. One fine day, something happened that left the rescue team stunned. The black swan had made a nest and very soon she laid six eggs.

The team was also startled to know that all the eggs were fertilized. One by one the eggs began to hatch and the black swan is now a proud mother who’ll now be kept busy with her mommy duties and also have plenty of love going around.

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