A mundane lifestyle often makes the time fly by fast and it dumbs us down. So what can we do to change this? Well, it’s easy just break the pattern and you will realise how much of a difference it can actually make. Here check out his traffic cop has found a creative way to keep his mood up and still do his job with utmost care.  

Commuters in the temple city of Bhubaneshwar are often greeted with an amazing sight of a traffic cop managing his duty with some flair. Pratap Chandra Khandwal, a traffic cop who has been on duty for over four years, seemingly added some dance moves to make his usual traffic-directing fun. It rests on the shoulder of these traffic cops to keep a smooth traffic throughout the city. Add to that, Bhubaneswar is hot and humid round the year.

The 33-year old can be seen striking intense dance poses and executing swift moves to control traffic at busy signals. His unusual routine is what catches everyone’s eyes and keeps the commuters entertained. According to The Better India, he told Hindustan Times, that he likes conveying a message through his dance moves. He observed that earlier people wouldn’t observe the traffic rules, but his style began to attract the citizens who made an attempt to become law-abiding.

 Cops like these are the reason why roads are safe and are fun at the same time.


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