Bellandur lake of Bengaluru, known for its excessive pollution, yet again spewed froth and foam on to the busy roads following the overnight rainfall. The giant chunks of smelly froth created a mess in the surrounding busy and residential locality on Tuesday as vehicles passed by. In several places, the froth rose to almost 10 feet. 

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This problem of the toxic froth has been persistent for at least two decades and has become a regular phenomenon during heavy rains. Three others lakes—Yemalur, Varthur and Byramangala lake—also saw heavy frothing recently. The main causes of this angry outburst by the lakes are the chemicals and pollutants that have settled in the lake due to poor management.

According to NDTV, “We have issued notices to all concerned parties to respond to who release the water without treatment,” said Laxman, the chief of the Karnataka Pollution Control Board. By looking at the situation the lake is in, we can easily say that it has become the largest septic tank in the city. This has happened due to “sheer callousness and indifference,” the Green Court had said in June this year and ordered the Karnataka government to take immediate action.

The weather office in Bengaluru has said that the city received an average of 4cm rain due to the southwest monsoon in the last few days. The rain is expected to continue for the next four days, the chief of the Met Department in Bengaluru said.

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