The Congo Basin rainforests in Central Africa is known to for its high levels of biodiversity in birds and animals. However, many endangered species are hunted here at an alarming rate. From elephants to leopards, no one is safe from the cruel poachers who mercilessly hunt in the forest. Fortunately, Mussa, an orphan chimp escaped the clutches of the poachers with the help of a pilot, who flew him to safety.

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The organisation called the Centre for the Rehabilitation of Primates in Lwiro is one of the wonderful organisation who formed a partnership with Virunga National Park who rescues chimpanzees from the clutches of these bushmeat hunters and carry them to safety.

Thanks to this incredible footage taken of the rescue mission of the chimp, a panoramic, bird’s-eye view, has captured millions of hearts. Nestled in the lap of pilot Anthony Caere, Virunga’s anti-poaching pilot, Mussa gazes out the window at the last view he’ll ever see of this danger zone.

Credit: Instagram

There is also an instance where the curious chimp grabs hold of the throttle, but Anthony barely reacts, confident that he’s just exploring his new surroundings. Another heart-melting sight was when Mussa lets Anthony groom him, an encouraging sign that he trusts the man.

Watch baby Musa’s breathtaking and emotional flight to freedom in the video below!

Every rescue is an effort from a lot of people from different organisations who work together to save lives. It is a beautiful moment to see the result of everybody's implication, in this case we save the life of Mussa. You can also be part of this team effort! You can contribute to Mussa's rehabilitation by donating in our website: or directly in the "donate" button on Facebook. Thanks so much! You are a very important part of our team ❤️

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