Only a loser can motivate another loser. People do not inherit this trait but are in fact, formed by the influences of their inner experience and external circumstances. Besides, if you want to be a successful person or maybe you just want to avoid being called a loser, then simply go through some of the traits mentioned below that losers posses and be sure to avoid it. 

Never let anyone tag you as a loser so here is what you must change

1. Being jealous and vilifying others

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The feeling of jealousy is an inability to feel content with one’s own life. That is why losers are usually jealous and they try to reveal the “true” reasons for somebody else’s success to explain their own discomfort.

2. Loving free or cheap stuff

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If you’ve noticed successful people then you’ve seen them not save money all the time. That is why they buy only necessary things of high quality that they won’t need to throw away the very next day. Moreover, many losers follow the motto of the cheaper is better.

3. Rejecting other people’s opinions

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Most losers are in an illusion and think they are right and are ready to argue forever. The Dunning-Kruger effect, is a cognitive bias wherein people of low ability suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their cognitive ability as greater than it is

4. Procrastinating

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Losers usually postpone things to make their lives into something very boring and dull.

5. Not knowing how to communicate with other people

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Building relationships is a difficult task for losers and they can even be arrogant to those who are at a lower social level.

6. Giving up on our goals and principles

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Most losers do not stick to what they say they would commit to, moreover, goals are like our map when we find ourselves lost.

7. Not believing in themselves

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Losers are usually lazy and do not use time wisely to learn new stuff.  Moreover, you can work out an action plan if you just admit the fact that you experience difficulties.

8. Comparing ourselves to others

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Most losers like to compare themselves to others and it doesn’t matter who they choose as a benchmark. If you compare yourself with someone very successful, then you will constantly feel pity for yourself. Which is bad as it can hinder your growth.

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