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Autumn with its blushing colours is a season of inexplicable beauty in Japan and South Korea

In many parts of the world, the maple tree is viewed as a symbol elegance, beauty, and grace. The Japanese maple tree is probably one of the most beautiful types of maple trees there is, especially in the fall. Its thin elegant leaves turn such vibrant colours every fall, from bright yellow to deep crimson that the viewing of autumn’s changing colours has become a national obsession in Japan.

Red maple leaves on Mount Takao in Tokyo, Japan

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Who wouldn’t enjoy a nice stroll through a beautiful tunnel of red maple trees? When fall comes around, the hills and mountains of Japan turn a bright red, yellow, and orange from the maple trees putting on their yearly show of colours. The turning of colours on the trees is a highly-anticipated yearly event that brings many tourists out to Japan’s national parks and temples to admire the spectacular foliage.

Kyoto, Japan

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Maple trees have been a popular subject of Japanese art, poetry, and literature for thousands of years. Many classic Japanese works of art and poems are about the maple tree or the falling maple leaves. Japanese maples are one of the most common trees used in the art of bonsai or growing miniature trees. They can easily adapt to different climates and its beautiful spring and fall colours make it very desirable among bonsai enthusiasts.

Traveling along the highways in the country during the fall, you can witness the red lines of maple trees on the roadside.

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Snow and Maple – Japan

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Just like the Japanese, many South Koreans consider autumn their favourite season, when the weather cools off and hundreds of maple trees burst into bright fall colour. Jangseong, a city in the southern part of the country, even holds an annual ‘Maple Festival’ to celebrate the beauty of the season.

Dragon Bridge with Red Maples – South Korea

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Every fall, sightseers flock to Korea’s beautiful rural destinations to enjoy the fiery colours of autumn.

Red Maple Trees at Gyeongbok Palace, South Korea

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