The recent Mumbai rains have created havoc in the city and locals have been struggling to walk through them as they are filled with knee-deep waters. These torrential rains have disrupted the way of life and brought the entire city to a standstill but only a few public servants showed their true colours and jumped to action as true heroes. One such cop is Mumbai’s Rajni Jabre.  

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Rajni Jabre did not only fail to report to her duty at 8 a.m., sharp but also managed to help out locals at Hindmata wade of Mumbai’s Parel region. With only an umbrella, she took it upon herself to help people cross through the clogged roads safely.

While most of her counterparts decided to keep a safe distance by giving orders to locals to be careful, Jabre walked the long mile and chose to do her duty. In an interview with  Zee News, she said, “What to do, this is my duty, and I have to help people. I reported for duty at 8 in the morning and have been here since.”

Every year due to poor sewer systems in the city hundreds of people get stuck in open sewers. Senior citizens and children who need special assistance rank high on this list. While many of us might say Rajni was just doing her job, it’s important to note that she could have done the same without risking her own well-being. However, she went the extra mile to help people out of distress and made sure she covered them with her umbrella.

It is real people like Rajni Jabre who make a difference for Mumbaikars. We salute her courage and devotion to help people out when it was needed the most.

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