The moment we all hear the name of a police station immediately our senses go all haywire, right? However, for about 50 children from a slum in Dehradun, the Police station is a place of immense joy and love. Here they learn maths, alphabets all while they get special protection from the police.

Dehradun Police

                                                           Credit: Indian Express

This special free school runs on the premises of Prem Nagar police station in Dehradun. The program for teaching kids here is under the Street Smart Project of Aasra Trust, a Dehradun-based NGO working with underprivileged kids. According to reports from The Times Of India the school, today constitutes 51 children of all ages between 4 and 12 who are given lessons on Hindi, English, Arithmetic, History and Geography, for six hours every day.

According to an interview by The logical Indian, Inspector Mukesh Tyagi from Prem Nagar police station shared, “When the school started in March this year, the volunteers from Aasra used to teach the kids on the pavement by the side of the busy main road. There were only about 10 children then. Thinking about the safety of the students, we decided to shift the school into our campus.’’

The assurance of police protection helped to gather the attention of more parents who started sending their children to the school according to the Inspector. In just a few months, the student strength soared from 10 to 50.

He further added, “We learnt that some of the students face a lot of difficulties to come to the school. To make things easier, we arranged a van service to pick up and drop the children. Soon, word started spreading and many localities came forward to pour in their support. One person donated school bags for all.”

Many lives have changed due to this initiative. One such little girl is Gayatri whose day used to start by begging on the pavement or assisting her father in rag picking. Now she is learning alphabets and numbers at the Aasra School.


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