Alex Jones, the voice of InfoWars, may have lost a battle with some of the biggest tech giants in recent days, but his war with the American media, the Leftists, and “totalitarianism” is not over. In fact, the recent booting of the free speech crusader from Apple, Facebook, and Google platforms may have backfired on them big time. How?

InfoWars just got bigger—with InfoWars Official, Jones’s app, shooting up to #3 on Apple’s news app charts by Aug. 8, ranking more favorably than the New York Times, CNN, and Fox News. InfoWars Official was ranked #45 only one day prior to the banning of InfoWars podcasts.

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Why is InfoWars banned?

InfoWars’ main channels on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple iTunes have been shut down, as were Jones’s podcasts, articles, and videos, even profiles and pages that the tech giants, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest deemed a breach of “hate speech.” But in what way?

Alex Jones has been at the center of controversies and purported “conspiracy theories” for his outlandish and sometimes unverified claims. For example, he questioned the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting as “manufactured,” saying it was portrayed by the media as inaccurate or manipulated, a belief he later apologized for in a now-deleted clip on YouTube.

“In hindsight, I think it probably did happen,” Jones later said of the shooting, clarifying his view.

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Still, many online media have been besieging the radio show host with negative media coverage, branding him with the label “conspiracy theorist,” not mentioning his change in view of the 2012 shooting, and fortifying the view that he is guilty of hate speech.

However, what “hate speech” is to one is “free speech” to another.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has stayed firm in his decision not to ban InfoWars, stating, “the reason is simple: he hasn’t violated our rules. We’ll enforce if he does.”

“If we succumb and simply react to outside pressure, rather than straightforward principles we enforce (and evolve) impartially regardless of political viewpoints, we become a service that’s constructed by our personal views that can swing in any direction,” he added.

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If that’s the case with Twitter, why are the other tech giants adamant Jones had to be given the boot? Surely the ban is not politically motivated and is free from subjectivities?

“What exactly violates that hate speech policy?” asks The Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro in an Aug. 6 video. Shapiro, a conservative, has been accused of hate speech for referring to transgender people by their biological sex.

Alex Jones fires back

Calling the ban of his hugely popular channel a “coordinated communist-style crackdown,” Jones is pointing the finger at “Communist China,” claiming the red regime—the same regime that’s been proven to be forcibly harvesting the organs from harmless Falun Gong meditators en masse—is covertly working together with tech giants and leftists to undermine American freedoms, and is taking a coordinated hack at free speech.

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For example, in a recent Aug. 6 statement on YouTube channel WWE Shoots, Jones said: “China has basically allied with the globalists, the Democrats, the EU, and radical Islam to take down this country, and take down the West. They are very afraid of us, because we are exposing them. That is the heart of the matter.”

He also brought Google into the picture.

“Google is building a huge censorship search engine for them [China], and whistleblowers from inside Google say they’re preparing to use it here in America.”

“In fact, they’re beta testing different parts of the censorship system for China on American conservatives, nationalists, and Trump supporters.”

Jones says the communists are trying to undermine America’s First Amendment.

Here’s what people are saying

One YouTuber, in response to Jones’s statement, wrote, “I don’t agree with everything that Alex Jones said over the years, but Facebook and YouTube banned him because Infowars has been becoming more of a threat to the corrupt mainstream media.”

“So when Obama was president we could watch Islam cut off heads on youtube but yet alex jones free speech is censored,” commented another.

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Some believe, owing to Jones’s influence in his promotion of Trump in the 2016 presidential elections, that the banning was an intentional silencing prior to the 2018 mid-term elections.

What’s got people talking as well is the seemingly selective and calculated banning of InfoWars by the internet giants, all within hours of each other.

Are American values at stake?

According to Chapter 1 of the publication How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World—“The devil deceives people by using all means to control their sources of information, principally the mass media. In countries where it has political power, the media are propaganda machines run by the Communist Party. Elsewhere, it uses freedom of expression to bury serious reporting and discussion in an avalanche of fake news, vulgar content, and trivial sensationalism.”


It comes as no surprise that the above statement rings fairly true in light of left-leaning news outlets’ continuous besieging of President Donald Trump and his administration with overly negative, and in many cases, misleading, reports.

Moreover, Part I of Chapter 5 goes on to state, “The fields of American politics, education, media, and business have increasingly shifted to the left under the influence of well-placed individuals.”

And in Part II of the same Chapter, “some countries have expanded the definition of ‘hate speech,’ implemented this expanded definition in law, and thus used the law to force schools, media, and internet companies to conform. This is a step toward the same strictures on speech as found in communist states.”

A Chinese paramilitary policeman gestures at a barricade at an entrance to Tiananmen square during the Communist Party’s 19th Congress in Beijing on Oct. 23, 2017. (©Getty Images | NICOLAS ASFOURI)

The drastic minimization of InfoWars’s platforms with which Jones can voice himself is a concern to many, including those who may not be Alex Jones fans, for the reason that whilst Jones was targeted—free speech, in fact, was targeted.

See the video below for more on Alex Jones’s recent statement:

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