Often we mistake a healthy lifestyle with strict diets and frantic workouts. However, in reality, it can be as easy as choosing to take the stairs instead of the life or drinking water instead of soda. Aiyaary fame Actress Rakulpreet Singh follows the same motto and her picture-perfect physique is proof!  

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In an interview with The Times of India, the actress revealed, “Fitness to me is a way of life.” She added, “It’s sanity and rejuvenation for me. Whether stressed or happy I like to workout… I feel like each cell of my body breathes.”

Credit: Instagram

The actress who’ll be seen with Ajay Devgn in a romantic comedy said, “What you sow is what you reap. So, how you treat your body is how it will treat you back. I eat clean and I don’t call it a diet! I love to eat a lot and I workout every day.”

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In an age where we are bombarded with excruciating diet plans and complicated workouts, her simplistic approach to a healthy lifestyle is a breath of fresh air.

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