Teaching as a profession helps to provide service to the educational need of an individual and society. It shapes the character, calibre, and future of an individual. Similarly being a doctor is also is a looked up to as a profession as it helps save lives. Imagine if we could merge these two professions? This is a story of Dr Anuradha Kishore who went from being a doctor to teaching students in a school. 

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Dr. Anuradha Kishore was a practising paediatrician before she became a teacher. After being a doctor for 17 years, in April 2018 she joined the Gurugram’s progressive schools as a teacher. She went through a rigorous training to be a teacher before joining the school in Gurugram.

In an interview with The Better India, she said, “In my professional capacity, I met many children who were on the borderline of learning disabilities, and I saw how much they suffered when in school. The general template that applies to all other children would not work with them.”

Dr Anuradha further explained how children with special needs suffer due to the mainstream education system.  “As a doctor, I have seen first-hand how the stress of having to deal with school led to the kids falling ill much more frequently. Not being able to cope with the others often led to a lot of stress in the children,” she said. The reason she enrolled in a Teacher-training program was to make sure the kids she teaches be better equipped to become good learners.

She added that, “The course I enrolled for, was recommended by the mother of a patient. The course was not just something that gives you a degree, but it forced us all to think about what education meant, and about what it meant to call oneself an educator.”

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A specific instance then reinforced her faith in her decision of becoming a teacher was of a child in her class who was less than five years old.  She narrated to The Better India, that “There is this boy in my class who is less than five years old, and in the four months of being with him, I have seen such a change in how he feels about coming to school. From being a disinterested member of the class to becoming an active participant, it has been a great journey with him.”

Dr Anuradha is surely an inspiration to all those who have always wanted to become a teacher. We wish Dr Anuradha all the success and joy for the time to come.


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