In a world where people blindly try and follow protocol, the pilot went out of his way and chose a compassionate route. With this decision, he not only saved a life but also fulfilled his duties as a pilot.

Captain Nishanth Nair, commander of Air Asia flight with 16 years of aviation experience, had not anticipated the tough decision he would have to make during the plane’s take off. He had a choice of either saving a 4-month-old baby or continue the voyage irrespective of the medical emergency. He made a quick but humanitarian decision of diverting the plane to save an infant.

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According to Times of India, Singari Singh, the father of the baby along with his wife and friend were headed to Bengaluru’s Narayana Hrudalaya Hospital to get the baby treated for her heart problem. About 40 mins before the flight’s landing, the family faced this unfortunate incident when the infant became breathless and required immediate medical attention. As soon as the Captain heard of the emergency, he, along with his co-pilot Rootu Goswami and a cabin crew member Priyanka Pradhan, made a collective decision of diverting the plane to Hyderabad to get the baby to a hospital immediately.

Within 25 mins the plane landed in Hyderabad. The pilot had informed the Air Traffic Controllers of the situation while on board. Hyderabad airport had prepared the west-end of the runway so there would not be any delay in the flight’s take off to its destination.

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The infant, after being treated in Hyderabad’s private hospital was asked to be shifted to Bengaluru for further treatment immediately.

If it wasn’t for the Captain, the crew, and the staff of Hyderabad airport, the child would have been in a critical condition fighting for her life. Once again humanity played its part.


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