A group of children, 30 years ago started a movement in Tamil Nadu’s Kancheepuram village. They grew up and the boys from the group went on to become forerunners of Netaji Welfare Movement (NWM). The 10-year-olds got together and created a game of their own to rename the streets with their favourite icons.

Sometimes difficult situations bring out the most remarkable ideas and skillset in us. That was the case of the children in this village. As they grew up they changed the fate of the village completely. “It took us 27 years to get the names of those streets changed, by appealing to the collector. They are now collectively called Netaji Nagar,” says Shankar to Times of India, he was the first boy to complete standard X and later became a photographer.

Credit: Twitter. A center for learning in Kancheepuram

Netaji Welfare Movement (NWM) is an undertaking which changed the village from alcohol driven to a citizen-driven community. The centre has been funded by ZRII Trust, as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Star Life as per TOI’s report. The community has come up with a community learning centre and library where kids come for tuitions and to learn the basics of a computer after school. The community has also helped build 3 toilets which are the only facilities in the village. The most important milestone the community has achieved is that they have eradicated consumption and production of arrack. Kids as young as 13 were addicted to using arrack.

The youth approached the women of the village by conducting a door-to-door campaign. The women went out on streets to set arrack containers and brewing centres ablaze reported TOI.

Thanks to these young adults for creating revolutionary ideas which have helped in uplifting the village. Because of this community now every child in the village is able to be educated.


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