Ayan Gogoi Gohain a 4-year-old boy from North Lakhimpur, Assam has penned a book called “Honeycomb” which was published in January of this year. The book consists of 30 anecdotes and is being sold at the price of Rs. 250. 

We see incredible talent every single day being created by ordinary people across the globe. All that one needs to do brilliant work is, to tap into inner self and touch upon what comes to you naturally. This young boy turned his day to day life and his hobby into one book.

Credit: Twitter. Ayan Gogoi Gohai, the Youngest Author of India

Money Control reported that Ayan has been given a title of ‘Youngest Author of India’ by the India Book of Records. His book contains short stories of his everyday life and the stories his grandfather narrates to him. At the age of one, he started to paint and he adds his own paintings into the book as illustrations.

To Ayan, his grandfather Purno Kanta Gogoi is his hero and chocolate man. Ayan when talking about his book and its contents told Money Control, “I see what is happening around and write about it. It could be anything – a chat with my grandfather, or something new I just learned”. His Grandfather also told Money control that, “he is a wonder kid. I remember he had once seen a rainbow and composed a poem, comparing its seven colors with the seven notes of music.”

Ayan lives with his Grandparents, his parents are based in Mizoram. This young boy is an inspiration to both young and old.



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