Today when people are ignorant about historical sites and go about destroying them, a couple of youngsters save a 17th century stone in Hebbal, Bengaluru.

Credit: Twitter. 17th-century stone inscription and Dilip Kshatriya

Times of India reported, that for a road widening project in Hebbal, BBMP would have destroyed this stone. If it wasn’t for Dilip Kshatriya, 25, an employee with a piston manufacturing firm the stone would have been in pieces. He has been living in this locality for over a decade and had noticed a hero stone and stone inscription on the roadside near Maramma Temple, Hebbal. Dilip told TOI, “As a Hebbal resident for more than a decade, I have been seeing these stones. Though I didn’t know the historical importance of these installations, I knew people used to worship them during Sankranti festivities. I immediately alerted the Revival Heritage Hub (RHH), an NGO”.

The state archaeology department also took notice of the situation. Rajeeva Nrupathunga, founder of RHH also sent his team Devaraj S, a student of Surana College and Harihara Sudan O, a teacher at Carmel Jyothi School to have a look at the situation reported TOI. They made a footage of the dangers the relics faced. Devraj told TOI, “We studied the inscription and found that it belonged to 1689 AD. Experts told us that further analysis could throw more light on the construction of Hebbal Lake. In the meantime, our video elicited a good response on social media and many heritage enthusiasts demanded action to save the inscription and hero stone”.

If it was not for Dilip, the stone would have been destroyed and its importance and origins would have gone along with it.


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