Solo travel can prove to be an empowering and invigorating experience, full of self-revelatory moments and deep connections. Travelling alone, you learn how to get out of your comfort zone, do things on your own, and push yourself in every situation. If you are about to embark on your first solo adventure, then here are some of the top places to pick based on safety and local culture.

#1 Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Amsterdam is one of the most accessible cities you can ever visit. It is easy to navigate, almost everyone speaks in English and the Dutch made you feel right at home.

#2 New Zealand

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New Zealand is really safe to travel around and if you love the outdoors then this country is for you.

#3 Taipei, Taiwan

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Be it the night market, food or culture there is a lot you can explore without a worry even if this is your first solo travel.

#4 Vietnam

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One of the most popular destinations among backpackers, Vietnam is considered to the among the most female-friendly places to travel in Southeast Asia.

#5 Singapore

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Clean, extremely safe and a wonderful city to explore, Singapore is an ideal location for those wanting to travel alone.

#6 Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Dubrovnik today is a great solo travel destination, offering lots of outdoor activities, history, beauty, and great walks.

#7 Belgium

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From chocolates and waffles to distinctive and lively cities, places in Belgium come with their own charm and historic roots.

#8 Japan

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With easy and efficient means of travel and some of the most courteous locals in the world, it is no wonder that Japan is highly recommended for solo travel.

#9 Ireland

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The land of B&Bs and guesthouses with friendly locals and a scenic countryside, Ireland is a wonderful destination for solo travellers.


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