We are so lost in the ‘couple goals’ prescribed by the mainstream society that we have forgotten that love is actually found in the little things. This old couple comes in as a reminder that you don’t have to build monuments to make your beloved feel special, sometimes very simple things can do wonders!

This 84-year-old man walked hand in hand with his wife Mona into a beauty store. It wasn’t a shopping spree that brought him there. He wanted to learn how to do makeup so he could help his visually impaired wife.

He signed up for a full makeup course at his local Benefit counter in a Debenhams store. For Mona, makeup is therapeutic but her loss of eyesight had restricted her to do makeup but her husband was not one to watch quietly.

Watch the adorable couple:

It is also known that Des Monahan is so good at makeup that he has now started making his own videos.


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