As soon as we think of a museum, the image of a prestigious building with objects of scientific, historical, cultural or artistic interest flashes across the mind. However, did you know that there are some unique museums around the world that are dedicated to some whimsical and wacky things? 

Featured below are some of those museums that are worth visiting for the sheer novelty alone.

#1 Gelato Museum, Italy

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Located in Italy, the Carpigiani Gelato Museum is the first museum of its kind to delve into the history, culture and technology of artisan gelato. More than 20 gelato machines are on display in the Carpigiani Gelato Museum, along with multimedia presentations, 10,000 historical photographs and documents, precious accessories and tools of the trade from ages past, video interviews, and workshops.

#2 Burger Museum, USA

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The Burger Beast Burger Museum at Miami’s Magic City Casino has more than 2,000 items of burger memorabilia on display. The 1,500 square feet space has memorabilia from current and historic burger chains including Burger Chef, Red Barn, Wuvs, Wendy’s, Burger King, Sambo’s, and McDonald’s.

#3 Bags and Purses Museum, Netherlands

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The Museum of Bags and Purses, in Amsterdam, has a fine collection of purses, bags, wallets, and cases. The oldest bags in the collection date to the 16th century and were mostly used by men to carry Bibles.

#4 Torture Museum, Belgium

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In what is probably the oldest stone building in Bruges, you can discover a spine-chilling collection of instruments of torture and learn about the history of law, order and justice in the city, including the use of torture and the punishments inflicted on the guilty.

#5 Fries Museum, Belgium

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The Friet Museum, in Bruges, is dedicated to the history of potatoes and the production of Belgian Fries! It describes itself as “the first and only museum dedicated to potato fries.”

#6 Hergé Museum, Belgium

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The Hergé Museum, an absolute must stop for comic book lovers, invites you on a journey through the life of one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century, offering a comprehensive perspective via thousands of sources from and related to the work of Hergé.

#7 Chocolate Museum, Belgium

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A date for chocolate lovers. The Choco-Story Brussels Museum invites you to discover the world of chocolate, from the cocoa bean to the famous Belgian praline.

#8 Pinball Museum, USA

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Located in downtown Asheville, North Carolina, the museum has 35 pinball machines that you can play as often as you’d like for one set price! The Asheville Pinball Museum offers snacks, sodas and beer.


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