Science is a subject that undeniably makes headlines throughout the year. The amazing scientific breakthroughs we witness every now and then can be attributed to the deep knowledge of the scientists in the particular subject. Here are some of the most notable achievements that have been made in the recent past.

1. Vegetables harvested in a greenhouse, Antarctica

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Using neither soil nor daylight, scientists managed to harvest salad greens, cucumbers, and radishes in a high-tech greenhouse that made it conducive for the plants to grow when temperatures outside were below freezing.

2. Clean ice below Mars’ surface

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Scientists have discovered thick deposits of ice beneath the surface of Mars. The ice sheets could provide the reservoir of water necessary for human expeditions to Mars.

3. Unknown Native American tribe discovered using DNA of an ancient child

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Scientists discovered a genome that was the oldest existing complete genome of New World humans after the bones of a six-year-old girl in Central Alaska were found, that dated back to 11,500 years ago. The girl’s genes also led to a breakthrough discovery of an unknown Native American tribe.

4. A brand new organ

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Scientists at New York University School of Medicine claim to have found a new organ. The interstitium was previously thought to be a dense layer of tissues, but the researchers at NYU believe it to be a tiny channel that connects to the lymphatic system.

5. Scientists fix genetic risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease

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Scientists at Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco made a significant breakthrough when they fixed the genetic risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. After extracting stem cells from patients and healthy volunteers, the scientists used these cells to create neurons or brain cells. Once they found out the protein that caused Alzheimer’s, they then formed a method to change its structure and erase any evidence of Alzheimer’s in the damaged neurons.

6. Warm-blooded fish

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Not all fish are cold-blooded. Researchers revealed that Opah, a fish that lives in dark, deep ocean water regulates heated blood through its body as mammals and birds do.

7. Scientists reverse the ageing process in mice

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Harvard scientists have not only slowed down the ageing process in mice but have even been able to completely reverse it. The scientists found a way to boost NAD levels in older mice via a dietary supplement. The cells then became younger and the mice’s overall health improved.

8. 13 billion-year-old oxygen

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Scientists have detected oxygen in a galaxy that is approximately 13 billion light-years from Earth—a signal of stars forming during the universe’s earliest days.


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