India is blessed with a vast coastline, stretching for thousands of kilometres along the eastern and western side of the mainland. This is one the reasons why the coastal recipes coming out of these regions have an amazing variety. However, with the fast-food trend that is catching up in most parts of India, we have really forgotten the beauty of authentic food.

Here are some of the coastal delicacies from the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, and Kerala, so that the next time you’re in the coast, you’ll know just what to try.

1. Sol Kadi

Credit: NDTV Food

Prepared using chilled coconut milk with dried kokum and roasted garlic, it is supposed to be a Konkan’s favorite drink to trigger an appetite.

2. Basale Pakoda

Credit: Pinterest

These deep fried spinach pakodas are a popular Mangalorean starter.

3. Kane Kudla

Credit: Dailyhunt

A delicacy from the coast of Kudla where ladyfish is simmered in a spiced coconut sauce in a traditional way.

4. Elaneer Payasam

Credit: HungryForever

Made out of coconut cream and fresh tender coconut, and flavoured by adding various additives like kesar, cardamom, coconut, etc.

5. Pomfret Rava

Credit: Tina’s Cooking

A Mangalorean dish where the fish is marinated in rava and shallow fried.

6. Pomfret Gravy

Credit: BetterButter

The Pomfret is simmered in moderately spiced coconut gravy with raw mango.

7. Alleppey Fish Curry

Credit: Kerala Tourism

Fresh fish is simmered in moderately spiced coconut gravy with raw mango.

8. Squid Rava Fry

Credit: Tastes of Malabar

The squid is marinated in rawa and shallow fried.


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