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8 creepy-crawlies that look fascinating and disturbing at the same time

Insects exist all around us, they are the biggest group of animals in the world, outnumbering humans 200 million to one. They can look frightening yet fascinating, creepy yet captivating at the same time. You’ll either hate them or love them enough to appreciate their unique characteristics. Listed below are some of the most amazing insects from around the world.

#1 Devil’s Flower Mantis

Credit: Facebook [1]

It’s amazing colours and size make it the most stunning mantis there is. It’s big and when an adult has beautiful white with green markings, a big shield on its back and an amazing display behaviour showing red, white, black and blue markings.

#2 Cecropia Moth

Credit: Facebook [2]

With a wingspan up to 7 inches, the cecropia moth is North America’s largest native moth. A very colourful moth, it has a red body with white stripes, reddish-brown wings with crescent-shaped white marks and eyespots on the upper tips.

#3 Orchid Mantis

Credit: Facebook [3]

Resembling the orchid flower, this mantis species is a master of disguise. Orchid mantises are usually found in Malaysia and Indonesia.

#4 Giant Camel Spider

Credit: Facebook [4]

Large, tan, hairy, and ferocious-looking, the camel spider is an arachnid in the order Solifugae, which means “those who flee from the sun.”

#5 Leopard Moth

Credit: Facebook [5]

A very distinctive and easily recognised species. It has six large black spots on the white furry thorax, along with heavy black spotting on whitish wings.

#6 Damselfly

Credit: Facebook [6]

These beautiful flying insects are usually found near shallow, freshwater habitats. Physically, they look like dragonflies but only that they have smaller abdomens.

#7 Hercules Beetle

Credit: Facebook [7]

This gigantic beetle can grow up to more than six inches in length, which includes its massive horns. It’s aptly called the Hercules beetle because of its strength. Its shell can support 850 times its own weight!

#8 Calleta Silkmoth

Credit: Facebook [8]

It is found in Mexico, Guatemala, and southern Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas in the United States. A particularly colourful caterpillar with small turquoise crowns or studs on the body.