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8 awe-inspiring images that were timed perfectly, #4 is sure to astonish you!

Man’s greatest creations come from a combination of vivid imagination, intellectual, hard work and finding the right things in the right places. Sometimes, all you need is perfect timing and not a great edit or a brilliant camera. Here are eight pictures that were nailed to perfection with their timing.

1. Woah, these rocks fit just exactly! Feels like a scene from a sci-fi movie!

Credit: Imgur [1]

2. A magnificent bird-eye of a town called Grammichele in Italy, displaying perfection!

Credit: Instagram [2]

3.  That really took some effort!

Credit: Instagram [3]

4. Saving another creature?

Credit: Instagram [4]

5. Wonderful stacking! Wish we could be that great at collecting too!

Credit: Reddit [5]

6. A splendid apartments creation in China

Credit: Reddit [6]

7. One of the best way to pet your pet!

Credit: Instagram [7]

8. Well yeah! That definitely took some hard work for the perfect snap

Credit: Instagram [8]