“I am young, I am curious,” reads little Kyra’s bio. Click on her videos and you’ll find a diligent reviewer who sits behind a table with a spread of colourful toys in front of her. She inspects them minutely. From the packaging to the ‘fun factor’, nothing misses her sharp eye.

YouTube, with its inception in 2005, transformed the way content was both produced and consumed. Viewers became producers and home videos found a global audience. The charm of YouTube lay in its non-glamorized approach and even today the platform continues to entice people into signing in.

India joined the band of content-makers rather late but the young ones are catching up quite fast. Though travel and lifestyle videos continue to rule the sphere, children as young as 7 are carving a niche for themselves.

One among them is Kyrascope. Kyra Kanojia, 7, has earned herself quite a fan following with her adorably detailed toy reviews.

When asked about the inspiration behind Kyrascope, Manish Kanojia, Kyra’s father told NTD India “From a very young age, we began making home videos of her for her birthdays. As she grew older she became increasingly camera savvy, which exhibited itself during a family trip to Thailand where she did an impromptu travel vlog. It became very popular with her friends and family. “

The appreciation she received helped her move forward in the direction of creating her own content. “The idea to start a YouTube channel came from close friends, family and more importantly, many parents of Kyra’s classmates who felt her reviews gave useful information, gifting and holiday ideas that could benefit many a confused mom and dad,” Manish disclosed

The family had been creating videos regularly and uploading them to Youtube seemed like a natural step. “Kyra loves exploring new things and being able to share her happiness at her discoveries through videos,” he adds.

Kyrascope videos use very clean graphics and edits. For a child, handling the technical aspects might prove to be difficult but little Kyra is already savvy with the cameras. Her father stays behind the camera and takes care of the editing.

Despite the technical help she receives, Kyra has complete creative liberty over her videos. Her parents help her with suggestions when she is stuck with a concept but it is usually the little one who has the final say.

With almost 7.5 thousand subscribers, Kyrascope enjoys a great fan following. Messages pour in every day on her videos and it has inspired her immensely according to Manish.

He also adds that even though the channel is meant for kids, parents are regular visitors, “Parents are thankful for the toy reviews that help them make better choices for gifts and the kids feel like there’s a friend out there who likes the same things they do”. He says, “Even toy companies and film production houses have appreciated Kyra’s review of their products,”

The fact that Kyra’s reviews are unbiased and sponsor-free have helped her gain credibility. The honesty with which she reviews the toys has garnered a lot of appreciation.

Coming up with interesting concepts and creating videos can consume a lot of time which is why her parents make sure that Kyra works on her channel only during holidays. “Shooting on school days is strictly prohibited by her mother,” says Manish.

Being part of a global platform at such a young age can expose children to both negative and positive elements. “From an early age Kyra has been exposed to diverse people and cultures, we make it a point to facilitate that, so she is very open to interacting with people who are very different to her. But communicating to a global audience, and getting feedback in different styles and expressions in English, encourages her to ask questions about it and even add to her own vocabulary,” he disclosed.

Whenever a  negative feedback finds its place in the comment section, it turns into a life lesson for her. “There is the occasional negative feedback which has also helped her to stay grounded despite a lot of audience love, and it is teaching her that you can’t please all of the people, all of the time. Which is an important lesson to learn at this age,”  Manish says.

Picture courtesy: Kyrascope

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