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7 super cute moments when grown ups spent time with their little ones

Kids are a source of limitless energy that never seem to require a charge. Spending time with them can not only be fun but also can make you a better adult. Compiled below are some pictures of grown-ups spending time with their cute little ones, and their expressions are just sure to make your day. 

Take a look:

1. “My uncle spending time with my kids!”

Credit: Reddit [1]

2. Daddy daughter fishing time!

Credit: Imgur [2]

3. Cool dad casually ignoring kids!

Credit: Reddit [3]

4. ‘Come on daddy, we can do this!’

Credit: Twitter [4]

5. Dads compete to see who can stack more cheerios on their babies.

Credit: Reddit [5]

6. “My daughter is going to her first disco.”

Credit: Reddit [6]

7. “I have a daughter, so I always look pretty.”

Credit: Facebook [7]