Full of wonder and mystery, nature never ceases to amaze us. Since the beginning of time, the Earth has witnessed its own share of “unworldly” happenings, some of which can’t be explained. But even if we do come across phenomena that can be explained, we can’t help feeling surprised at how impressive they are.

Check out some of the rare phenomena that occur in nature:

1. Snow Rollers

Credit: Facebook

Snow rollers are natural phenomena formed by winds. Chunks of snow are blown along the ground, picking up material along the way.

2. Light Pillars

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A rare kind of halo that occurs because of the reflection of light from numerous ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. It can be observed only when the conditions are very cold outside.

3. Brinicle

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A brinicle is formed when salty water leaks out of sea ice, then it sinks into the sea and creates this incredible underwater ice sculpture. They only occur in the oceanic waters around the South and North poles.

4. Mammatus Clouds

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Mammatus clouds are pouch-like protrusions hanging underneath the base of a cloud. This interesting cloud only lasts an average of 10 minutes, but a whole cluster can last from 15 minutes to a few hours.

5. Halo

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A halo is a glowing ring appearing near the sun or the moon. This phenomenon is produced by sunlight interacting with ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere.

6. Cloud Iridescence

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This beautiful phenomenon can be seen if the sun is hidden behind thick clouds and there’s a thinner cloud nearby. Depending on the sun’s position, a cloud may appear colourful as light rays of different wavelengths are reflected in a special way.

7. Glory

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A glory is an optical phenomenon caused by the light of the Sun interacting with the tiny water droplets. It consists of concentric rings and is somewhat similar to a rainbow.



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