What better way to celebrate Women’s day than to shine the light on the ladies who have contributed to society with their talent, perseverance, and timeless wisdom. Today, the spotlight is on all of you mothers, sisters and daughters from all walks of life. 

Get inspired as these elegant women take us on a journey and share their pearls of wisdom

1. Nikki Galrani – Actress

Credit: Facebook | Nikki Galrani

“Not letting myself get affected by the negativity around me but rather filling myself with lots of positivity” 

2. Evelyn Zafar – Social media executive 

“Just be good to other women and stick up for them”

3. Asmita Chakraborty – Student

Credit: Facebook | Asmita Chakraborty

“All my life I lived with my mother who looked after me, from making my bed to dropping me to school, however, after leaving home for college I’ve realised how difficult all those tasks were to fulfil. So now I know the life my mother lived wasn’t a bed of roses.”

4. Geetha P Rao – Teacher

Credit: Google Photos

“Unconditional love is the only human power that can turn a negative into a positive in someone’s life”

5. Sanjana Sanjay – Student

“Always trust your first instincts with anybody”

6. Megha Patel – Student

“You’re not selfish if you put yourself first and are assertive in what you want and in your goals. You are still a kind person without being ‘nice’ to everyone.”

7. Nikita Krishnan – Belly Dancer

“Accept the way you are and love yourself. You’re imperfectly perfect”

NTD India with this special series of articles, opinions and soulful sharings, celebrates the essence of being a woman on the International Women’s Day. With a sea of compassion, hope and humanity we believe each of these stories will help us to reflect, relate, be informed and enlighten the inherent wisdom.  


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