April fools’ day is not only about duping your close ones even the big brands take an equal interest in it. These companies launch new products and services that seem exciting but are only a pack of lies. Since it was April 1st yesterday, many brands did something similar.

Take a look:

1. Kings XI Punjab announced that Virender Sehwag will come out of his retirement to play in IPL 2018 as a replacement for Aaron Finch!

2. McDonald’s India offered free french fries for a year. You just need to get the promo code right from the photo shared by them!

3. Chocolate mayonnaise advertisement from Heinz!

Heinz [Seriously] Good Chocolate Mayonnaise

BIG NEWS! Heinz Chefs have been seriously busy recently, creating a delicious new recipe, Heinz [Seriously] Good CHOCOLATE Mayonnaise!

Posted by Heinz UK on Sunday, April 1, 2018

4. Coca-Cola introducing the all-new Avocado Coco-Cola!

Coca Cola Has Launched Avocado Flavoured Coke

Avocado Coke is now a thing. ??

Posted by LADbible on Sunday, April 1, 2018

5. Donald Trump Orange Drink. Make energy drinks great again!

6. Change in the colour of European Union passport, from burgundy to blue!

7.  From last year’s Whopper toothpaste prank, Burger King fooled everyone with their Chocolate Whopper!

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