We come across many performances that just amaze us with their coordination and swift movements. The show they put up remains in our memories for a long time. Well, something more amazing happens here. These 63 individuals not only delivered a class act but they managed to leave a mark on people who witnessed their performance.

What surprised people is the fact that all of the 63 people dancing, were deaf.

Credit: Facebook

The performance depicts the Buddhist goddess of mercy. History says that she has 1000 arms and 1000 eyes.

The uniqueness of this performance is that it requires impeccable synchronisation and there is hardly any room for error. But looking at them perform, you will witness an intense coordination and floating moves that will just take you to a different world.

Credit: Facebook

In order to make sure that each difficult move is in time with each other, they depend on six directors all around them to help them with visual signs.

It really is amazing to watch and you won’t be able to take your eyes off them dancing. Take a look at this mesmerising video: