Sleeping is one of the most important activities we do in a day. It rejuvenates us and relieves us of all the stress caused by our day to day work. We all have that perfect posture in which we feel comfortable and content. But did you know that your sleeping position reveals a lot more about your true self? Here is what your sleeping posture reveals about your personality. 

1. The foetal position

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This curled up on one side position tells that you are a great worrier and you tend to overanalyse everything. This position is very soothing and comforting and you tend to sleep like this when you are undergoing a lot of stress. Every person at some point in his or her life has slept in this position.

2. The leaper

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Sideways with one of your legs in a straight line and the other raised. This position reveals that you are very fussy and want everything swaying your way. Leapers are also a nervous lot and they tend to think for ages before taking the ‘leap’, but once their decision is made, they tend to stick to it no matter what.

3. The Freefaller

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This posture is considered to be a very uncomfortable position: here the person lies flat on his tummy with both the arms and legs outstretched. They are quite self-centered and stubborn. Their sleep is quite turbulent and these people like to be in control of everything. Constantly on the run, these people are oversensitive and don’t take criticism well.

4. The Starsleeper

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Sleeping on your back with both arms and legs stretched outwards, occupying most of the bed. They are considered to be good listeners and make really good friends. Such people love their comfort and are free spirited and carefree.

5. The log

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The people who sleep in this position keeps their body stretched out in a straight line. These people are easy going and like good company. They easily end up trusting people.

6. Covered from head to toe

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If you enjoy your blanket and like to cover your body from top to bottom, then you are a person who always tries to put on a brave facade even though you are going through troubled times. Since the blanket acts as a shield between you and the rest of the world. Such people are usually shy and tend to have a lot of secrets buried in their hearts.


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