Halwa is the ultimate comfort food for those Indians who have a sweet tooth. And why not? The smooth and savoury texture of this sugary goodness seems to melt in the mouth the moment you take a bite. Such a delicacy can make anyone’s day. But did you know that there are more options than just the regular carrot, sooji, besan or moong dal halwa. Don’t believe us? Have a look: 

1. Kacche Kele Ka Halwa

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Looks delicious, doesn’t it? This mouth-watering halwa is made using raw banana pulp and is definitely worth a try.

2. Gosht Ka Halwa

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Yup, you read it right. This halwa is prepared using minced meat and is an authentic delicacy that is treasured by the locals of Rampur, Uttar Pradesh.

3. Ande Ka Halwa

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Here’s another sweet dish you don’t want to miss. Ande Ka Halwa is a fun alternative to the regular omelette or scrambled eggs, which is made with love using some eggs, cottage cheese and lemon curd, and topped off with a pinch of saffron and some crunchy nuts.

4. Mirchi Ka Halwa

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Spicy food lovers, this is for you! Mirchi Ka Halwa might sound slightly bizarre, but we assure you: once you try it, you can’t get enough of it. This traditional Rajasthani dish is cooked using boiled green chilli paste, khoya and semolina.

5. Aloo Ka Halwa

Credit: NDTV Food

If you happen to visit Uttar Pradesh, don’t forget to try this scrumptious sweet. As no festival is complete without a traditional Indian dessert, the locals of Uttar Pradesh usually prepare it during the much-awaited Navratri festival.

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