Technology has become a part of our day-to-day lives in an unbelievable way. With the advent of smartphones, everything is now is just a click away. App developers have created so many applications, but most of us still seem unaware of it. Here are five ways how your phone can become a magical wand that can ease your life even more!

1. Want a magnified vision of something, try this simple trick!

You were unaware of this plain but advantageous feature your phone has. To get a magnified image from your phone, simply place the lens of your phone to the telescope or the binoculars. You will be surprised to get the larger view of a far away object. Isn’t that great?


Credit: Pixabay

2. DId you know, you could easily identify objects, restaurants and fonts with the help of your phone camera

Thanks to the creation of innovative apps these days, multitasking happens at just our fingertips. With an app called Amazon’s Flow, we can identify text, objects and places. Similarly, the app  WhatTheFont, helps identify the font. Last but not the least, with Google Lens, we can identify any restaurant by its image and access related information like its rating, reviews etc.

Credit: Myfonts


3. How about a quick heath check?

These two apps Instant Heart Rate and Cardiio  work in coordination with the camera of your phone. It measures your heart rate by monitoring changes in your skin color. All you need to do is, place your finger in front of the camera.

Credit: Azumio


4. Don’t miss a moment ever!

Here is another great feature that many iPhone users might not know of. Do you know that one can simultaneously click pictures while shooting a video? Simply press the shutter button next to the video recording button.

Credit: Pixabay


5. Measurement can now be at your fingertips!

Apps like Ruler App is quite famous among architects these days and also comes with an inbuilt conventional ruler that appears on the screen that helps us to measure the size of objects in a photo, a wall or a piece of furniture.



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