Could this giant footprint be evidence of giants that once roamed the Earth hundreds of millions of years ago? According to modern science, there are many “OOPArts,” (out-of-place artifacts) scattered across the Earth, which constantly remind us that there’s more to the story of humanity than currently understood.

©YouTube | Michael Tellinger

This giant footprint was first discovered in 1912 near the South African town of Mpuluzi, in the northeastern Mpumalanga province nearby Swaziland, by hunter Stoffel Coetzee. The outcrop of this Mpuluzi batholith has been dated to around 3.1 billion years old.

Locals call it the “footprint of God,” and it is about 1.2 meters (approx. 4 feet) long. Let’s assume it belonged to a giant, then this giant would have to be at least 7 meters (approx. 23 feet) tall, according to artifacts researcher Klaus Dona, who visited the site with South African explorer and author Michael Tellinger.

Interestingly, Tellinger has compared this giant footprint finding with similarly giant-sized bones unearthed in Ecuador, back in 1964.

©YouTube | Michael Tellinger

According to Tellinger, the rock of coarse porphyritic granite has been through many cooling processes, which produced small and large granules, and the footprint has been through similar stages, meaning it would be highly unlikely to have been a carving.

Markings visible on the side of a rock indicate how the movement of tectonic plates have pushed it up, according to Tellinger.

He also disputed claims it could be a natural rock occurrence, and quoted mathematician Pieter Wagener from the University of Port Elizabeth as saying, “There is a higher probability of little green men arriving from space and licking it out with their tongues, than it being created by natural erosion.”

©YouTube | Michael Tellinger

Tellinger and Dona have requested further scientific tests to determine the footprint’s origin.

Dona believes the Earth has experienced several catastrophes before, which wiped out most humans and animals, with just a handful surviving. He feels that if we continue along the path we are going, with wars, and destruction of the natural world, we will again destroy ourselves.

Watch the video below to see this giant footprint:


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