Rupali Mesharam, 23, from Maharashtra did what even the mightiest wouldn’t think of. She charged at a tiger with a stick to save her pet goat. 

A bloodied picture of Rupali after the attack. Credit: Facebook | Buzztort

Mesharam from Usgaon village of Bhandara district was in her house when she heard her goat scream. According to Mumbai Mirror, the woman immediately ran out to find a full-grown tiger eyeing her pet.

Without a second thought, she attacked the tiger with a stick to save the goat. The tiger pounced on her but Mesharam’s mother intervened at the right moment. She dragged her injured daughter in the house but couldn’t save the life of the goat.

They informed the forest officials but the tiger had left.

Rupali suffered injuries to her head, waist, legs and hands. She has been discharged from the hospital now.

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