We all dream about landing that dream job, but only a few of us go all the way to achieve it. Well, after going through a five-year academic journey at IIIT-Bengaluru Aditya Paliwal from Mumbai is all set to work with Google. The 22-year-old defied all odds and landed his dream job with a package of ₹1.2 crore per annum. Here is a walk down his inspiring journey!

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Aditya Paliwal will be working for the Google AI team starting from July 16, as per the reports from Times Of India. On this good news, Aditya told The New Indian Express “I was interning with Google last year and during that time I discovered this program through internal groups. I am more inclined to research but was not sure of doing a PhD immediately. The program was a good compromise and a balance between research and industry. Plus, it is in the domain that I was interested in – AI.”

When asked about what he expects from this program he said, “We will be working on state-of-the-art research and on writing as many research papers and get interesting results. As of now, I do not know what exact domain I will be assigned to. I am, however, looking forward to meeting people from across the globe and senior researchers and scientists.”

Credit: Facebook

He further added that as a child he was always interested in computers and how they worked. His teachers too speak highly of his academic prowess. According to a report by The Better India, dean R Chandrashekhar, IIIT-B said, “Aditya was one of the bright students at IIIT-B. He has bagged the Google residency, which involves a sum of Rs 1.2 crore for that period.”

Aditya was the finalists in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) in 2017-2018, a competition for computer language coding enthusiasts.  This optimistic lad’s journey is a true inspiration for all.


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