Many people enjoy watching young children as they play and mingle with one another. They’re so innocent, sometimes a tad naughty … but that’s all part of being a child.

We’ve created a short list of 20 children from around the world; each is a beautiful gift to this world. Their sweet looks remind us to be kind and less judgemental, just like how people are when young.

1. Charming Kurdish girl

©Wikipedia | Jihadmahde

2. A Congolese child in a refugee camp in Goma

©Wikipedia | Steve Evans

3. Is he discovering his reflection in the mirror for the first time? Yes … he’s kissing the mirror

4. A Vietnamese girl gives a toddler a handmade lotus flower with the words—“Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance.” The lotus flower is a symbol of purity

5. Katie has fixed her attention on something. Just what is it?

©Wikipedia | Isis4563

6. Hey, hey! I see you too

©Wikipedia | Sujayadhar

7. Apparently not everyone can roll their tongues, but this girl demonstrates how easy it is

©Wikipedia | Gideon Tsang

8. “People at birth are naturally kindhearted”—Three Character Classic

©Wikipedia | Aleksandra Pospiech

9. A happy Hmong girl carries a toddler in a village in Thailand

©Wikipedia: Joaquin uy from Seattle

10. How could one say no to that gorgeous face?

©Wikipedia | AnnaFayett-Holmes

11. What a beautiful young girl with such captivating eyes. This photograph was taken in Malaforia Village, Koinadugu District, in Sierra Leone

©Wikipedia | Lindsay Stark

12. A toddler donning a marinière shirt sits on the footpath at the Royal Palace Gardens in Paris

©Wikipedia | Melanie M – Flickr

13. Indian kids practicing meditation. They look so peaceful don’t they?


14. Young girl looking very cute as she meditates


15. Adorable kindergartener in traditional attire in Morioka, Japan


16. Toddler enjoying the wildflowers in the subalpine and alpine meadows in Great Sand Dunes National Preserve, Colorado

©Wikipedia | Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

17. This girl in Cusco, Peru, is wearing traditional dress. Her name is Yolanda

©Wikipedia | Tabea Huth

18. Look at the little man in red; he’s having a great time in the Australian Minghui School

© (Australia Minghui School)

19. Can you tell which country’s traditional attire this adorable young girl is wearing?

©Wikipedia | Böhringer Friedrich

20. A little child passes out information about Falun Dafa during a parade on World Falun Dafa Day in New York on May 12, 2017

©Samira Bouaou | The Epoch Times
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