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There are 2 kinds of people, one kind is normal and the other is annoying! Which kind of person are you?

There are a few aspects of life that split us all into two halves. Whether it is the question of the egg and the chicken or even in the case of that mysterious dress that almost raised a war. It’s granted that there are two kinds of people in this world and neither of them likes to admit they’re wrong.

These pictures clearly show the differences; it’s time to pick a side!

Two types of IT people

Credit: Reddit [2]

Fries and ketchup?

Credit: imgur [4]

Normal people and annoying people

Credit: imgur [6]

Two types of butter people

Credit: imgur [8]

2 types of people going to work in the morning

Credit: imgur [10]

Do you cut or bite?

Credit: imgur [12]

The bathroom of two girls

Credit: imgur [14]

Two types of roommates

Credit: imgur [16]

Two types of hospitality

Credit: imgur [18]

Two types of kids on the first day of school

Credit: Reddit [20]