“Where there is a will there is a way”, this saying perfectly syncs with Nisha Gupta a Para-athlete from India. For anyone to become a competing athlete, he or she needs to have a strong body with a perfect balance of mind and body. However, Nisha Gupta who met with an unfortunate accident at the age of 18 became confined to a wheelchair. But, she did not lose hope and diverted her mind into swimming and basketball. Here is a quick look at her inspiring story. 

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Nisha Gupta, 30, lives in Bhayander, Mumbai, with her husband and in-laws. She has faced every adversity thrown at her in life and has come on top of it. She was just 18 when she slipped and fell, suffering a spinal fracture. This resulted in her getting confined to a wheelchair. According to The Better India, she said, “I couldn’t accept what had happened to me. I had all these negative thoughts and felt so demotivated. My dream was to be an air hostess, and now I couldn’t.”

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However, she did not give up at life and tried her hands on sports. Initially, she started swimming and later she expanded her repertoire by including basketball to her skill set. Currently, Nisha plays in a team of other para-athletes, part of the Maharashtra Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team.

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Nisha said in an interview, “I swim only with my hands. Before, people used to demotivate me. Now, they use me as an example to others. I feel so happy, and lucky that I have met such good friends, who have motivated me to do better, and try new things.”

During her rehabilitation, she used to visit the All India Rehabilitation Centre where other people get inspired by her journey. Nisha is a perfect example of when the life hits you hard with a haymaker you stand up and smile. Vitamin Stree, part of Supari Studios did a video on Nisha.

Credit: YooCanFind

The executive producer of Vitamin Stree Tara Kapur said,  “We were working on a concept where we wanted to showcase how fitness was not defined by physical limitations, and we found her story inspirational. We saw that though the team was playing together really well and supporting each other, they lacked the proper infrastructure and facilities to reach their true potential. That’s why we wanted to do something for them.”

Here is a video on her:


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