Tavishi Singh, 15, a student of Pathways School, Gurugram, has embarked on a noble mission for providing clean and sustainable drinking water to the homeless and abandoned. Through her rainwater harvesting project called the “Endless River,” she aims to provide 10,000 litres of water every day to the destitute and mentally-challenged people who’ve been neglected by their family and society.

Credit: India Today

Tavishi used to feel heartbroken whenever she came across homeless people living in dismal conditions, sleeping on the streets surrounded by garbage. She thus took it upon herself to provide these people with basic amenities such as clean drinking water and food.

In order to raise funds for her project Endless River, Tavishi approached ‘Earth Saviors,’ a Gurugram-based NGO which is dedicated to serving the underprivileged. Her aim was to install a rainwater harvesting project within the premises of the foundation.

Credit: thepatriot.in

Tavishi’s project cam with its fair share of challenges and obstacles as it wasn’t easy to set up a unit that would provide 10,000 litres of water and at the same time was cost-effective and environmentally-friendly. She was able to raise funds through a crowdfunding platform ‘Ketto,’ recommended by her sister, and with the help of her friends also did a door-to-door campaign which was a slow but rewarding process.

She was also expected to execute the project successfully, that too within a stipulated time as the monsoons were arriving in Gurugram. This led her to get in touch with Mr. Sekhar Raghavan, the ‘Rain Man’ of Chennai who helped her in selecting the most efficient and cost-effective method of rainwater harvesting.

Thanks to Tavishi’s efforts, two 20 feet deep borewells have been built within the NGO’s premises to recharge the groundwater. The rainwater harvesting system was inaugurated on Aug. 2018 and is now fully functional.


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