It’s great to be able to harvest your own produce, which includes a leisurely process of pottering about, watering, and daily observation. In the case of these men however, who grow over-sized vegetables, they’ve taken the ballgame to a whole new level.

Check out what these guys have been getting up to in the vege garden! They’re all Brits, and they’re obviously rather chuffed about their hefty achievements.

1. This man shares a deep affection with his award winning pumpkin

Credit: REX

2. This 150 pound gigantic marrow took Phillip Vowles six weeks to grow

Credit: Facebook | Not Far From The Tree

3. This man loves his giant 18 lbs (8 kg) onion, which is larger than your face!

Credit: Getty Images | Christopher Furlong

4. This man is obviously very proud of his 2 kg tomato

Credit: Reuters | Nigel Roddis

5. This man grew a giant cabbage weighing 70 lbs and is 3 ft tall—Try picking that up!

Credit: Facebook | เมล็ดพันธ์นำเข้าจากต่างประเทศ และอุปกรณ์การเพาะปลูก

6. This marrow is almost as big and as wide as he!

Credit: Reuters | Nigel Roddis

7. This oversized marrow is a staggering 119 lbs (54 kg)

Credit: Getty Images | Christopher Furlong

8. Now that’s a lot of pumpkin soup!

Credit: Getty Images | Christopher Furlong

9. This man shares a special bond with this rather rotund vegetable

Credit: Getty Images 

10. This oversized carrot weighs 14.3 lbs (6.5 kg) and came first place at the 2013 Harrogate Autumn Flower Show

Credit: Reuters | Nigel Roddis

11. Meanwhile, we have here a marrow as big as a man’s torso…

Credit: Getty Images 

12. That’s one heck of a cabbage!

Credit: Getty Images | Christopher Furlong


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