11- year old schoolboy saved his friend from a watery grave at Gadinje in Venur, Mangaluru on Thursday as they were walking home from school.

Sujaya, 11 and Adithya, 12, both students of Government Higher Primary School, were walking home after class. Times of India reported that they were crossing a stream when Adithya slipped on the temporary narrow footbridge. Sujaya on seeing this acted quickly and grabbed him as he was hanging from the bridge.

Credit: Google maps. Venur, Karnataka

Sujaya held onto to Adithya with all his strength. They started shouting for help and attracted some locals. The locals came to the rescue and pulled up Adithya. Eyewitnesses said to TOI, if Adithya had fallen into the water, he would have been injured and got washed away.

The distance between the temporary footbridge and stream is about 20ft. “If the boys had fallen into the water, they could have died,” said a villager to TOI. Sujaya’s bravery saved his friend from seeing the face of death. The rural areas face a lot of issues especially during the monsoons even to walk around. They risk their lives to get from one place to other.


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