Have you ever seen a small dog with a big dog’s attitude, similar to how most chihuahuas think they’re robust German shepherds? Well, this phenomenon can be reversed, with a bulky-as dog jumping on its owner like it’s a little shih tzu puppy.

Big or small, dogs all crave and love human attention. Cuddling up to their favorite human may have been a dog’s sweet puppyhood habit, a habit which never gets old. This photo compilation of big dogs shows us that it doesn’t matter how big these canines get, they’re still little, innocent pups at heart, who tend to forget their size…and weight!

1. This massive sheep-like dog just wants a hug

Credit: Imgur | Rypley

2. I’m feeling right at home…The couch is a bit of a squeeze though

Credit: Imgur | Rypley

3. This little bed is perfect for my size!

Credit: Imgur | imgureeeee

4. Obviously a big day at home

Credit: Imgur | gvpires

5. I’m just as little and cute as the cat, why are you giving it all the attention!?

Credit: Imgur 

6. Here’s a little dog at heart

Credit: Imgur

7. This dog has no idea of it’s size!

Credit: Imgur | 

8. Just…massive…

Credit: Imgur | NikolaoMontaya

9. Ah yes, just like the old dogs—a perfect fit!

Credit: Imgur | DogsAreTheBestestBestBest

10. Imagine that jumping on you when you’re fast asleep

Credit: Imgur | 

11. I’m just a little puppy dog!

Credit: Imgur

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