Take a look at these photos capturing the beautiful and silly moments of childhood and the warm feelings they bring forth…Contrasting these are the fun photo recreations made in adulthood. Well, it’s obvious that some people change and some refuse to grow up!

In the age of instant digital photos and selfies, gone is the charm of taking a photo and waiting with anticipation for the prints to come back from the photo print shop.

Going back through the photo albums is a favorite pastime for a family get-together. You laugh, you tease each other and recall past moments that bring joy and pleasant memories back from the beautiful period of childhood.

These photos will definitely remind you of your own childhood photo album. Have you ever made any childhood photo re-creations of your own? Post your “then and now” photo collage in the comments!

1. I’m all grown up–and my childhood dream is fulfilled!

Credit: Reddit/birdman1313

2. 15 years have gone by but not much has changed around here

Credit: Halina Labiková

3. 1978 to 2008–and still cool at skateboarding

Credit: Flickr/YetAnotherLisa

4. Need a laugh? This will do the trick 🙂

Credit: Reddit/Claybotron

6. Cousins having fun in the bath!

Credit: Imgur/PacificFrim

7. Little girl and her kitten are all grown up

Credit: Reddit/kittylitterbitch

8. Father and baby having a quiet nap together–but suddenly the baby has grown a beard!

Credit: Tumblr/then-and-now-photos

9. A sweet kiss recreated

Credit: Lisanne van der Mijden

10. At Burger King, and my friends and I are still quirky

Credit: Reddit/ScootaBoy93

11. All grown up and they still like to get muddy

Credit: Reddit/MisterOn

12. This girl still can’t lift up her dad and two sisters

Credit: Olga Duijndam

13. A family’s tower of heads–16 years later

Credit: Reddit/ahmedillo

14. It’s 10 years later and roles have been reversed

Credit: Reddit/DirtyDrummer

15. I just looove pasta!

Credit: Reddit/mmmpotpie

16. Now mom has her arm in a plaster

Credit: Flickr/Hyaku Taro

17. For dad’s birthday, a family picture was recreated 20 years later, but I think they seem to have grown up a little bit…

Credit: Imgur/pbugnot

18. These buckets have become a bit small…

Credit: Reddit/ThatsGoldJerry_Gold

19. Off to kindergarten with grandma–now off to graduate school

Credit: Reddit/johnclarklevin

20. These siblings made a whole calendar of recreated childhood photos as a gift to their parents

Credit: Reddit/RUSirius7

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