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10 endlessly fascinating destinations in China that one will never grow tired of exploring

China may be the world’s most populous country, but it still has so many places that remain untouched by mass tourism. There are plenty of amazing tourist attractions in China, from ancient cities to mystical forests and sprawling rice fields to sacred mountains. Featured below are some of the most beautiful and unmissable places to visit in China.

#1 Guilin

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Located in South China, Guilin is like a sparkling gem on a green carpet, the scene here is often appraised as “the world’s top landscape.” The city is famous for its exquisite mountains, stalactite caves and especially the fresh Lijiang River that runs from the city centre to Yangshuo District. All combine and create a huge masterpiece of nature.

#2 Jiuzhaigou

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Located in the eastern part of Sichuan Province, this place owns one of the world’s most famous landmarks – Jiuzhaigou Valley, a legendary land that was recognized by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage in 1992. It is famous for its majestic waterfalls, colourful forests (especially in the fall) and the pure snow mountains.

#3 Huang Shan

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Located in the middle of China, Huangshan City possesses abundant natural and cultural resources. The Yellow Mountain (Huangshan) is one of China’s top range of mountains with majestic peaks, rugged rocks, steep cliffs and wonderful caves. n 1990, it was recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of China’s top tourist destinations.

#4 Shangri-la

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Shangri-la is famous for Shika Snow Mountain, which is known as the most beautiful snow mountain in the world. Kawagebo Peak, the tallest peak in Yunnan Province, is one of the four major mountains of Tibetan Buddism. This is a peaceful land with clear skies, snow-capped mountains, majestic monasteries and primaeval forests.

#5 Zhangjiajie

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Located in northwestern Hunan Province, Zhangjiajie is one of China’s top tourist cities, especially famous for its superb mountain scenery. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is China’s first national forest park with 98% forest cover. In addition, the Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve is a true masterpiece of nature.

#6 Yalong Bay

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Known as the “Oriental Hawaii,” Sanya has the most beautiful beach in China – Yalong Bay (7.5 km long) is a soft white sand beach with a gentle and wide slope. The beach is surrounded by long golden sand; clear water and rolling waves make this beach the most popular destination.

#7 Lijiang

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With many natural and cultural resources, Lijiang is a city famous for its majestic and peaceful mountain scenery. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is famous for its variant and beautiful natural scenes and is considered a sacred mountain among the local Naxi ethnic people.

#8 Hangzhou

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Hangzhou is famous for its deep history, and especially for the natural landscape. Since ancient times, this land has been honoured as “one of the most beautiful and elegant cities in the world”. Today, it is one of the most popular tourist cities in China, attracting domestic and foreign visitors.

#9 Shigatse

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Shigatse means “fertile” in the Tibetan language. This is a city of national history and culture, with majestic natural scenery and one of the perfect destinations for nature lovers.

#10 Yangtze

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The Yangtze River is one of China’s most popular tourist destinations, especially in the Three Gorges Dam area with great natural beauty including Qutang gorge, Wu gorge and Xiling gorge.