On Apr. 24, ₹2.59 crore unclaimed gold bars were recovered under passenger seats on an aircraft at Mumbai airport.

Hindustan Times reported that according to the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU), wrapped in black adhesive tapes, the gold was found under cushions of seats on an aircraft that departed from Dubai.

A case has been registered against suspects that have not yet been identified, while authorities still continue to investigate.

Credit: Pixabay | (Representational Image) ₹2.59 crore worth of gold bars found under seats onboard in Mumbai airport

Not the only case to be seen in Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai; two other cases have been reported. One such case being:

On Apr. 21, a passenger named Ramanlal Waghela, holding an Indian passport andcarrying foreign currency that was equivalent to ₹30.77 lakhs was arrested. He was stopped before he could board a flight that departs to Dubai. A senior officer from AIU stated, “The currency was concealed in two cylindrical cardboards and was wrapped by an aluminium foil.”

Past cases have said to shed a light on what is going on; foreign currency is taken to Dubai, gold is bought and then smuggled back into India.


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