The summer heat can prove to be unbearable not only for humans but for animals too. A California bear learnt how to live life kingsize after he had a dip in the jacuzzi, sipped a drink and took a refreshing nap. 

Mark, the owner of the house barely had a sip of his margarita when he heard the rustling of leaves and snapping of twigs. He got up and looked over the bushes and was shocked to see a bear climbing his fence.

Credit: Twitter

Mark and his wife got hold of their dogs and quickly ran into the house. However, he forgot to take the margarita that he was drinking and the bear walked right over to the drink, knocked it over and lapped it. After a refreshing dip in the jacuzzi, the bear then followed it up with a nap and then it left.

Credit: Twitter

Watch the amusing video below:

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